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Sample Submission Form

To submit samples, send them to us (Spectral Data Services, Inc. 818 Pioneer, Champaign, IL 61820) with a cover letter stating the type of analysis required (e.g., 1H NMR in chloroform solution, 13C CPMAS with a 1 ms contact time and a 3 second recycle delay), a contact person, the phone number of the contact person, and a method of payment, such as a purchase order number. If you wish to discuss the experimental parameters, or the entire project, before sample submission, please feel free to email or call, and we will be happy to offer suggestions.

Below are links to a Google Doc, Microsoft Word, or PDF 'Sample Submission' form. The form is not required, but for those who find it easier or helpful should feel free to use it. The sample submission form does not take into account every possible NMR experiment performed at SDS and is mostly for more routine type analyses.