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Liquids NMR

The 400 MHz instruments can routinely perform liquid-state NMR experiments. We have 5mm and 10 mm sample capabilities, investigating anything from a few micrograms to very large, dilute spin systems (e.g. C-13, N-15, Si-29).

We carry out all routine 1D and 2D pulse sequences, such as DEPT, COSY, NOESY, HETCOR, HMBC, HMQC etc.

We also variable temperature capabilities, from 25 C (ambient) to 125 C.

Solids NMR

We can perform solid-state NMR experiments at both 270 and 360 MHz. We have magic-angle spinning and cross-polarization magic- angle sample spinning capabilities, with Al-free probes, and fast MAS rates - up to over 14 kHz. Where necessary (e.g. Si-29) we can provide spectral deconvolutions of your spectra.

SDS personnel have extensive experience in quantitative solid-state NMR, e.g. Cs-133 and Al-27, as well as qualitative C-13 CPMAS of polymers and other organic species.

Sample Submission

To submit samples, send them to us (818 Pioneer, Champaign, IL 61820) with a cover letter stating the type of analysis required (e.g., H-1 NMR in chloroform solution, C-13 CPMAS with a 1 ms contact time and a 3 second recycle delay), a contact person, the phone number of the contact person, and a method of payment, such as a purchase order number. If you wish to discuss the experimental parameters, or the entire project, before sample submission, please feel free to phone, fax, or e-mail, and we will be happy to offer suggestions.

Below are links to both a PDF and WordDocument 'Sample Submission' form. The form is not required, but for those who find it easier or helpful should feel free to use it. The sample submission form does not take into account every possible NMR experiment performed at SDS and is mostly for more routine type analyses.

Sample Submission Form (Google Doc)
Sample Submission Form (Word Document)
Sample Submission Form (PDF Document)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the turnaround time?

    Typically, one to five days. If you need the data faster, our Spectral Express service will get the results to you within 24 hrs.

  2. I have a problem, can NMR help?

    Feel free to call anytime to discuss your project, and ask for Gary or David.

  3. Can you run (fill in your favorite nuclide) NMR?

    If it has an NMR active nucleus, we can run it. Some of the rarer nuclides we have run include W-183, S-33, and Ag-109.

  4. Can NMR be used to quantitate different species present in a mixture?

    Yes, it is used extensively for this. Some of the common project upon which we work include polymer monomeric composition and wt-% purity determinations on pharmaceutical products.

  5. Can NMR be used for morphology studies?

    Yes, solid-state NMR is frequently used for morphology studies, such as quantitating the amounts of different crystal forms in a system.

  6. How are data sent and archived?

    Free induction decays are saved on permanent disk, of which two copies are archived. Original spectra are routinely sent via overnight express, and copies are retained in our archives. Spectra can also be faxed and/or sent on diskettes, either as free induction decays or as ASCII x,y pairs.

  7. Do you provide interpretation?

    Yes, routine interpretation is included at no charge.

  8. I received my spectra, and I want them plotted differently. Is this possible?

    Yes, just call and let us know what is required.

Our Price Schedule (Effective January 1st, 2018)

270 MHz Instrument: $100/hr
360 MHz Instrument: $115/hr
400 MHz Instrument: $120/hr
Surcharge for VT or Air-sensitive: $15/hr
Spectral Express: $140/hr*
PDF Emailed: $5/spectrum
Minimum Sample Charge: $75
* Express overnight data services. Subject to availability. Please inquire.